Where do I start? The experience was simply indescribable. Mr. Welbeck was the perfect instructor. He was not our boss or teacher, he was our leader, our friend, and our companion…
I have always loved public speaking and debate, and I walked in that day with a tiny bit of an ego, not knowing that I had just started what might turn out to be the most educational roller coaster I will ever experience. I thought that I wouldn’t learn much, but in every session I was challenged more, and as I journeyed further, I discovered things about myself that I genuinely had not known. He always knew how to criticise with empathy and understanding. He always had the right tone and stance. He always had kind words and knew exactly what to say. I owe everything to him, and will forever hold a debt of gratitude. The knowledge I have gained throughout this course was life changing, and it has no longer become a simple, year long experience, but a journey, one with no final destination, only knowledge to be learned and picked up along the way. This is a train that I’ll be on for the rest of my life, but at the end of the day, all thanks go to Mr. Welbeck and his efforts because he’s the one who bought me the ticket.

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