Broadcast Journalist of 20 years – Jeevan Selvanathan – took some time out of his busy schedule to tell SpeakHub© how the power of using his voice has helped him build a successful career in media.

Jeevan with Tennis aces Anna Kournikova and Martina Hingis.

I’m a Broadcast Journalist of 20 years, who has worked for ESPN, BBC, FOX, at all levels and roles. Scripting, hosting,commentating, producing, directing, reporting, and editing are all regular work for me. I became a TV Person, after extensively working in Radio, on air and in management. Roughly 10 years of Radio, followed by 10 years of TV: National, Regional and Global.

For me the skill of public speaking is critical. All Broadcasting is based on the fundamental principle of communicating a message to a large number of others, be it live, in public, recorded, digitised, etc…the central message MUST be communicated in a clear and relatable way, so it can be best understood.

I knew I wanted to use my voice for my career very, very early on. All my Interests in Life were “word-based”. Radio, TV, and Journalism followed naturally, and has grown into a well-developed base for me, luckily.

Jeevan (Right) at the Sports Center with the Malaysia Team for ESPN Malaysia Office.

We asked Jeevan about planning, and whether he ever got nervous before a performance?

Planning and knowing what your about to say is half the job done – your body and mind will naturally do the rest, so it really is just about not adding extra pressure or slowing to that natural proces. What a show is trying to ‘Show’ is YOU, so just be you. I’m afraid to say that I’ve never been nervous before any job. I have been aware of how important each job was, to me, and to the industry etc..but it has never upset my rhythm in doing the job; whether, National, International or Global…Radio, TV, or Public Speaking. I’m lucky that way. Some people do get nervous and if I’m working alongside them, I try to help by using humour – and just being myself. I love to laugh.

Jeevan hard at work for AllSportz Asia

What tips do you have for our students who want to be great speakers, especially in English?

Watch great speeches. See what made them Great. Learn from them. Practice out loud. Rehearsals for your voice, should always use YOUR matter how strange it might seem. Hear yourself, Don’t limit yourself. Speech is one of the few universal things to all…Try all genres, and learn from each type. English IS important…it is a versatile language and also one of the most widely spread languages in the world. It is also primarily used as a central language in Broadcasting, Governments, and International Industry.

“I would just like to say that what SpeakHub is doing in Egypt is fantastic, and I look forward to you guys bringing what you do to KL. Malaysian students can benefit tremendously too!” – Jeevan Selvanathan


In a career that has spanned almost two decades, Jeevan Selvanathan has mastered almost every part of the media through hard work and sheer determination.

As a renowned Radio producer, VO Talent and host, Jeevan was the voice to millions as an evening Drivetime Host for 7 years on Time Highway, Red104.9 and Fly Fm. At Red 104.9, where he also became Programme Manager to the entire station, he started creating new and unique shows to give more to Malaysian Listeners. Shows like Red Alert, the Urban Hall of Fame, and the Beautiful Game, a football focus forum for fans across the nation.

Not content with just one career, Jeevan also built his TV career, and has since appeared on every English language station in Malaysia. He has hosted every type of TV show there is , and after hosting ‘Part of the Game’ on 8TV,in 2004, for the European Football Championships,  he attracted the interest of ESPN, who tracked him for almost 2 years, using him as a free-lance reporter, until they fully hired him to anchor Sportscenter Malaysia. That led to Singapore, where Jeevan then hosted, produced  and wrote or reported for shows at ESPN HQ over a 4 year period, including the Live BPL weekend broadcasts, for which he received mentoring from John Dykes amongst others.Since then, he has moved to the Global Scene, in front of the Camera for the World Sport Group, and behind it for the BBC.

He also manages his own production company, Chameleon Audio Productions, and has been endorsed by Nike for the last 5 years, who also sent him to London as an Ambassador in 2010, to attend the Nike Football Summit.

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